Tomas Andres Reynoso vs Oscar Fabian Perez Full Fight Video – Saturday 20, October 2018

Video middleweight 2018 Tomas Andres Reynoso and Oscar Fabian Perez full latest male boxing, fight on 10 rounds of boxing schedule, rival match-up, final recap, and result from tonight at Estadio F.A.B., Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina.

The Argentine world middleweight champion male professional boxing star residence in Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ready to battle under middleweight world ranked no.139 30-year-old Tomas Andres Reynoso (12-3(1KO)-1, 3KOS) looking forward to this fight versus fellow contender delegate from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, professional boxer Jarkko Putkonen, super-welterweight world ranked no.661 with boxing stats of 9-wins, 15-losses(6KOs)-5, 4-wins via knockouts).

The bout slated on Saturday 20, October 2018 at Estadio F.A.B., Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina, secured main event spot. Will see champion boxers put their excellent records on the line. Both orthodox male pro fighting stars are aiming to continue an impressive form and put on a great fight for their boxing fans.

Tomas Andres Reynoso v Oscar Fabian Perez

Saturday 20, October 2018

Middleweight Contest, 6 Rounds

Promoter: Sampson Boxing – Sampson Lewkowicz, Tello-Box – Carlos Andres Tello, J.E.B. Boxing – Juan Eduardo Brignone.


Television: Australia

Judges Scorecard
?Fight Result:


(Tomas Andres Reynoso vs Oscar Fabian Perez Full Fight)

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