Patrick Wojcicki vs Sven Elbir Full Fight Video - October 6, 2018

Patrick Wojcicki vs Sven Elbir Full Fight Video – October 6, 2018

Elbir vs. Wojcicki Fight.

The main event International Boxing Federation Inter-Continental Middleweight title belt fight tonight slated on Saturday 6, October 2018 takes place at the Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen, Germany in the early hours of Sunday morning. Final round from the IBF Intercontinental and German Middleweight title fight between Patrick Wojcicki and Sven Elbir on October 6, 2018, at the Congress park in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Wójcicki is circling wide and letting Elbir press the action in a crab-walk behind a stiff probing side-arm left jab, sometimes doubled up and followed by either a roundhouse right on the waistband or a slashing hook up top. Wójcicki is catching shots on his palms while leaning his upper body outside and rebounding in with heavy straight or looping rights. Wójcicki is cranking in the counter boomerang 1-2 very effectively whenever Elbir starts to brave the interior. Elbir rocked badly in the final half-minute, but still coming forward.

Patrick Wojcicki vs Sven Elbir Full Fight Replay, Highlights and Result.


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Wójcicki is working the body while darting in & out and spiraling alternately tighter and further out depending on which type of combos he’s throwing on the way-by (narrowing in for hooking and widening his orbit for straight combos). Elbir is doing his best to double jab the body and set up whipping right hands, punching with his opponent in the hopes of catching Wójcicki flush with a counter while both of his gloves are in flight. Elbir is just leaving himself open more frequently and getting punished, his own counters being countered before he even has a chance to land them. Elbir hanging in there but Wójcicki picking up speed, getting into rhythm landing salvos around the gloves, heavily clapping either side of Elbie’s head.

10-9 Wójcicki

50-45 Wójcicki

Round 6

Wójcicki is working in spurts, cracking the right hand into the guard and backing Elbir up an involuntary step, then pursuing with a 1-2 grazing his nose before he can reassemble his defenses, and then posting up in front of him to bomb away with reach-around hooks while Elbir shells up. Elbir weathers all this inclement weather but then immediately presses on the attack when he sees Wójcicki slow his output and fall back to regroup. Elbir taking his chances, slashing with right hands behind the needling double jabs on the belly, meant to point-score but also to accumulate, gradually making it more difficult for Wójcicki to breathe (and inhibit his movement). Wójcicki getting hit a lot more in the final half-minute.

10-9 Wójcicki, closest yet.

60-54 Wójcicki

Round 7

Wójcicki is mostly hitting gloves with his 1-2s and hooks now, leading off but no longer the last one landing in exchanges, getting backed off by an up-and-over chopping right hand delivered from a starting position by the pectoral of Elbir. The big shift in momentum here, with Elbir leading with soft cat’s-paw double left hooks batting the cheek of Wójcicki (and obscuring his vision), distracting him as the right hand comes slamming down the center. Elbir now the one mostly backing Wójcicki up, except for the brief gasps of blistering offensive fury by the Pole (although his connect rate is remaining very low as Elbir just shells up to block it all).

10-9 Elbir

69-64 Wójcicki

Round 8

Elbir having another very strong round, backing Wójcicki up and slashing through all of his attempted combos to snuff them out before they can build any steam. Elbir keeping the jab in Wójcicki’s face while trotting forward in his crab stance. Wójcicki fends him off with some flurries downstairs and punctuates with a hard staple-remover underhanded left to his belly, but Elbir is on a roll now, getting into a groove, catching all of Wójcicki’s headshots and not very troubled by the body shots as long as he’s moving with them, waiting his turn and making life hell for Wójcicki behind the prodding double jab.

10-9 Elbir

78-74 Wójcicki

Round 9

Wójcicki is starting to jab more now, thankfully (if you’re in his camp). Elbir is still feeling cheeky, hanging in, throwing his double-jab like a hatchet to set up rights and then prancing off to one side – but Wójcicki is pecking his way back into this on the strength of an unlikely weapon, the jab has gone largely unused for several rounds now. Wójcicki is controlling at mid-range with the jab bouncing out like a paddle-ball into Elbit’s nose and then falling in when he needs to in order to stunt Elbit’s counterattacks by clinching and rag-dolling. More ugly than how Wójcicki was winning his earlier rounds, but still effective. Good comeback.

10-9 Wójcicki

88-83 Wójcicki

Round 10

Wójcicki is still working jabs and 1-2s into the guard, but unable to sustain any more sustained offense. A few looping body shots underneath the elbows by Wójcicki. Elbir is taking his own turns, pumping in shots behind the single or double jab, but unable to rally any more before Wójcicki ties him up. Still ugly but effective work from Wójcicki. Connects are roughly equal, slight edge to Wójcicki.

10-9 Wójcicki, close

98-92 Wójcicki

Round 11

Wójcicki is hitting gloves now with his jabs & 1-2s, lingering inside Elbit’s range with the hacking right. Wójcicki unable to kick himself into enough of a gallop to reach his ideal snapping range with the 1-2. Elbir is coming on now, sensing weakness, clobbering down with the right hand, pushing Wójcicki back with the jab. Elbir putting in as much work as he can between clinches. Wójcicki starting to slide his feet outside and counter in flurries as Elbir is starting to punish him with hooks when he steps in for a tie-up.

10-9 Elbir, close

107-102 Wójcicki

Round 12

Wójcicki is warned for holding after shoving in through a double-armed battering ram to do just that, eating some Elbir hooks and chopping rights while bowing himself in sideways. Wójcicki now after the warning changes gears and starts dialing in a 1-2. Elbir getting caught at the very end of it even as he crouches back with his guard up. Elbir ducking and rolling past the 1-2 and blocking on the way in. Check hook by Wójcicki tiptoeing around Elbir to navigate past a corner. Pressure until the final bell from Elbir but he isn’t able to get close enough to land anything big or to even steal back the round.

10-9 Wójcicki

117-111 Wójcicki

Fight Result: Official cards:

couldn’t hear the last one (the announcer gave them first in German, before translating into English, but mumbled these) – I think another 115-113?

UD for Wójcicki.

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