Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol Full fight video result, recap, replay

WBC/WBO Junior Welterweight Title:Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol Full fight video result, recap, replay. Both title holder boxer Crawford and Postol agreed fight night schedule at July 23, 2016 venues Top Rank CEO Bob Arum confirmed MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on HBO PPV.


Terence Crawford

Terence Crawford current belt title WBO light welterweight still unbeaten with a record of 28-0 (20 KOs).

 viktor postol

Viktor Apostol current holder of WBO and WBC 140-pound belts still unbeaten with a record of 28-0 (12 KOs).


Boxer Recap

Terence Crawford has performed as well as any boxer in the world over the past three years. He is not yet a star. When Manny Pacquiao was planning his first goodbye fight, promoter Bob Arum considered Crawford, the 2014 Fighter of the Year, and Tim Bradley, who had fought Pacquiao twice previously. The marketers preferred Bradley, even though Crawford was a fresher challenge.

Now Pacquiao is back in business, with a match coming up in the fall. Crawford has a previously-scheduled appointment. On Saturday he makes his Las Vegas debut against Viktor Postol, also undefeated, also a 140-pound champion, with Freddie Roach in his corner and an unexpected knockout of Lucas Mattyhsse in his pocket.

Postol, at 5-foot-11, is two inches taller and has an inch-and-a-half reach advantage. Crawford mixes power, speed and quickness, along with instinct that allows him to switch back and forth from southpaw to orthodox, sometimes in the same round.

This is a fight fan’s fight, with contradictory styles and heavy intrigue. It also is Crawford’s (and Postol’s) first appearance in a pay-per-view situation. Arum doesn’t expect huge signups. Gennady Golovkin’s PPV debut only produced 150,000 buys.

But Golovkin, with his boy-band smile and his comic-book knockouts, is definitely a star. Crawford, with 20 knockouts in 28 wins and no real trouble in any fight, and with HBO singing his praises every time he fights, is still a performer.

Terence Crawford vs. Viktor Postol COMPLETE Weigh In & Face Off Video



Round 1: Fighters start cautiously, Postol lunges, standing up European style. Crawford in southpaw stance, moving around the ring.Staying away from that jab. Postol to the body and countered by Crawford. Hard right by Postol. Very close round. Gave it to Postol.

Round 2: Both fighters keeping their distance. Hard right by Postol, and then a swing and a miss. Much caution here. Left to the body by Crawford, then a big left to the head by Crawford. That wins him a round that had little action. 1-1.

Round 3: Crowd chants Omaha-Omaha! Hard right to the head by Crawford. Left uppercut lands by TC. His quickness is showing and he’s avoiding the jab. Crawford heating up, has a smile on his face as he goes after Postol. Another Crawford round. 2-1 Crawford.

Round 4: Lots of movement, not much action. Crawford dancing. Postol feinting but Crawford lands three consecutive lefts. Another left. Crawford’s quickness is proving too much for Postol who’s just not able to connect. Crawford fighting very smartly. 3-1 Crawford.

Round 5: (Viktor Postol Knocdown twice in Round 5) Quick right hook by Crawford flash knocks Postol down. Another knockdown (gloves touch) as Crawford toying with Postol. Postol just can’t connect cleanly. This is a boxing lesson as the two fighters tie up and smack each other during the tie-up. Tony Weeks slow to to break it up. A 10-7 round for Crawford.

Round 6: Right by Postol followed by a counter left from Crawford, who’s still a southpaw. Nice jab by Crawford. Crawford is doing everything he needs to do. Crawford right to the top of the head. Postol is getting frustrated by being unable to get to Crawford. 10-9 Crawford.

Round 7: Couple of lefts by Crawford, neither solid. He’s looking Mayweather-esque. Postol gets him on the ropes and connects with a right. Both fighters charge at each other and both miss with rights. A counter left by Crawford at the end of the round. Crawford.

Round 8: Crawford lands a quick left that Postol barely stays on his feet for. Crowd is booing the lack of action. Hard left and a right by Crawford nearly puts Postol down again. Another left by Crawford. This is American style vs. Eastern European and American style winning big. Another big round for Crawford. Postol is going to need something big to win this fight. 79-71 Crawford.

Round 9: Lots of movement, no action as the crowd boos again. Two quick lefts by Crawford. Right and left, then attack by Crawford, looking lightning quick. Postol has no answers. His vaunted jab has been neutralized. Postol scratches his head as he walks back to his corner. A whuppin’, as Ali would say. 89-80 Crawford.

Round 10: Postol is finding a lot of air but not much more. Postol connects with a right to the body but that came after two Crawford connects. Hard left by Crawford shakes Postol. Crawford moving masterfully around the ring. Not what most people want, but very effective and it will win him the fight. 99-89 Crawford.

Round 11: Crawford continues sticking and moving. with an occasional jab. Lands a hard right. Postol still has a puncher’s chance but that’s all. Lands a left to the head then Postol hits behind the head and referee Tony Weeks takes a point from him. Another 10-8 round. 109-97 with one round to go.

Round 12: Postol going for broke, lands several shots in desperation. Crowd chants Craw-ford, Craw-ford! Postol hoping for a lucky connect but Crawford is too crafty. He sticks his tongue out at Postol. And smiles. And showboats. It’s over. Crawford holds his hands to the sky. Then goes over and congratulates Postol. 119-106 on USA TODAY’s scorecard.

Final Result: Terrence Crawford defeat Viktor Postol


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